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21st-century anthropologist and archeologist Silvia Tomaskova argues that by the mid-1600s, many Europeans applied the Arabic term shaitan, meaning "devil," to the non-Christian practices and beliefs of indigenous peoples beyond the Ural Mountains. [21] She suggests that shaman may have entered the various Tungus dialects as a corruption of this term, and then been told to Christian missionaries, explorers, soldiers and colonial administrators with whom the people had increasing contact for centuries. Ethnolinguists did not develop as a discipline nor achieve contact with these communities until the late 19th century, and may have mistakenly "read backward" in time for the origin of this word.

Greek and Latin sources may be less hostile, but they are also much later, from the Roman period. While they may be more reliable in their description of the contemporary character of the religions of the area, that character may have been significantly different after several centuries of Hellenism from what it had been even in the middle of the preceding millennium. Notable among the Greek and Latin sources are De dea Syra (“About the Syrian Goddess”) from the 2nd century ce , attributed to Lucian of Samosata, and the section of Eusebius of Caesarea ’s Praeparatio evangelica (“Preparation for the Gospel”; 4th century ce ) that cites extracts from a history of Phoenicia by Philo of Byblos ( c. 100 ce ); Philo himself claimed to be translating the work of an early Phoenician priest, Sanchuniathon . While indigenous sources now confirm isolated elements of this allegedly early description of Phoenician religion, its distortions also have become more demonstrable. Philo’s history is in fact an attempt to recount early Phoenician history by constructing a systematic chronological sequence of events out of the various local traditions of his time and interpreting the latter euhemeristically—that is, by treating gods and myths as representative of historical individuals and events.

The Future Sound of Egypt internet radio show airs every Wednesday at 4PM US Eastern / 9PM UK / 22:00 Central European Time on Digitally Imported radio. [21]

They have small heads with six dark eyes, and four tentacles that can split into very small, near-microscopic cilia. The Engineers use these cilia to construct, repair, or rebuild nearly anything they can grasp. They can take apart whole vehicles and rearrange their entire structure in a matter of seconds, with the resulting machines still operating at least as well as they did before. They learn at an unprecedented rate, and store that information for future reference if ever they need to repair the same thing twice. They are capable of surviving in at least oxygen and methane-rich environments, though they cannot survive in a vacuum. [11]

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Mark replied to Harvey Weinstein the same way he had replied to feds who offered to buy us out, “There is not enough money in the world to shut us up.”

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