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Ó Deus, que destes a palma do martírio a São Fidelis, quando abrasado de amor, propagava a fé verdadeira, concedei, por sua intercessão, que, enraizados na caridade, confiemos na força da ressurreição do Cristo. que convosco vive e reina, na unidade do Espírito Santo. Amém.

Either way, in round numbers this works out to around $10,000 for each person on the planet. If we were ever to consider paying this debt off, that's how much we'd have to collect, on average, from each person. Given that we'd do well to collect $10,000 apiece from the richest few people in the richest few countries, and given that over half the world's people have no income at all at a level that would interest a tax collector (less than $1000 per year gross), paying off this debt seems patently impossible. So, we will never pay it off, but we may continue to pay interest on it forever, which will result in significant international cash flows with attendant distorting effects on economics, politics, and society. Interest might be estimated at $500 per year per person, which is probably manageable, on the average, for a while, especially since the richest countries owe the most. The problem, of course, is that debt is growing faster than population or prosperity which means that eventually something must change. Pinpointing when that will happen is an exercise that will be left for the reader.

 · The clock is ticking. Every second, it seems, someone in the world takes on more debt. The idea of a debt clock for an individual nation is familiar to ...

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Jak Progresso Jakprogresso B23Jak Progresso Jakprogresso B23Jak Progresso Jakprogresso B23Jak Progresso Jakprogresso B23