Bongi & j. mancera - arab sexy

MANCERA’s olfactory signature has been composed to please occidental and oriental intense perfumes lovers. Indeed, the creators wanted to father a very occidental brand with the intensity and the best ingredients of the Arab perfumes. They gathered for MANCERA the most beautiful materials, both in the composition of the perfumes and in the aesthetics, which accompanies them: Aoud, Wood of Macassar, Rosewood, Saffron, Leathers, Lacquers, and Resins...

Wish I could like this scent, but it is just too sour for me. The sourness detracts from the warmth of the oud, making the scent smell sharp and mean insteadĀ of warm and mysterious. Impressive sillage and longevity though!

My girlfriend likes it much more than I do - the sourness doesn't bother her.