Dave london breathe deep

Director Robert Hamer

Cast Ian Carmichael, Alastair Sim, Terry-Thomas

‘He who is not one up… is one down!’

‘We hate it when our friends become successful,’ Morrissey once said about Britain: Robert Hamer and his writers were closer to the mark in suggesting that most of us would happily put the boot into anyone who even approaches success. And amen to that! Bounders, cads and a good portion of hard cheese fill out this toothy confection of just-coherent, raffish ribaldry. It may be little more than a loose collection of sketches – Peter Jones and Dennis Price’s ‘Winsome Welshmen’ car salesman schtick, for instance, was lifted from the BBC radio comedy show ‘In All Directions’ – held together by a script based on Stephen Potter’s thoughts on gamesmanship, lifemanship and ‘the struggle for pure prestige’, but there’s something so irrepressibly beastly and underhand about the whole business that one can’t help but – imagine a velveteen Terry-Thomas accent – join the club, old chap! ALD

Dave London Breathe DeepDave London Breathe DeepDave London Breathe DeepDave London Breathe Deep