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In ‘backburner’ development for over a year, we are in the fine tuning stage, selecting final components and vendors. The retail price target is $150, and those interested in updates and project status should email [email protected]

So now it is to the future, his future, that we must look, and there is no denying that the Milan team he will be part of in 2016/17 will be very different to the one seen over the past few seasons. No longer are the Rossoneri constrained by Silvio Berlusconi’s inability to invest in the side, instead new Chinese owner Li Yonghong has spent the past month writing cheque after cheque in order to awaken this sleeping giant.

This difference is quite significant, but it is unlikely that a user would notice the difference. However, when it comes to storage write performance, the difference is far more significant. Write performance for the 32-gigabyte iPhone 7 was only 42 Mbps, while the 128-gigabyte iPhone 7 was over eight times faster, at 341 Mbps

Milan - VersionsMilan - VersionsMilan - VersionsMilan - Versions