Apostasy - accuser of brethren

Since we are told in 1SM 406 that Yahuwah's people in the end times will repeat the history of the Jewish church, did the Jewish church ever become part of fallen Babylon?

Since 1990, at least 65 people have been murdered in Pakistan over blasphemy allegations, and responsibility for these extrajudicial killings lies partly with the country’s rules, Abdullah said.

"Well…" the soldier began, trying to think clearly and ignore the screams emanating from further down the trench. "The definition of heresy is when an individual or group's beliefs stand in contrast to those of the accuser. By that definition, in your eyes, we'd be heretics."

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He expressed disappointment that Father Corapi chose not to remain in SOLT and to refuse the order’s invitation for him to live in community, leaving his Montana home. Father Sheehan said he had tried to arrange a meeting with Father Corapi before any final decision was announced, but had not heard back from him. Father Sheehan said that SOLT would issue a statement shortly.

JP has been invited to preach at a number of churches in Australia, London, USA, Canada, Norway,
Netherlands, South Africa and Indonesia.

Apostasy - Accuser Of BrethrenApostasy - Accuser Of BrethrenApostasy - Accuser Of BrethrenApostasy - Accuser Of Brethren