El payo malo equilibrio

During the first invasion, 22,000 Spaniards commanded by Nicolás de Carvajal, Marquis of Sarria , entered the Province of Alto Trás-os-Montes (northeast of Portugal) having Oporto as their ultimate goal. After occupying some fortresses, they were confronted with a national uprising. Taking advantage of the mountainous terrain, the guerrilla bands inflicted heavy losses on the invaders and practically cut off their communication lines with Spain, causing a shortage of essential supplies. Near starvation, the Spaniards tried to conquer Oporto quickly, but were defeated in the battle of the Douro and at Montalegre before retreating to Spain. After this failure, the Spanish commander was replaced by Pedro Pablo Abarca de Bolea, Count of Aranda .

Spanish invasion of Portugal ; Part of the Seven Years' War: The Count of Schaumburg Lippe, commander of the Anglo-Portuguese forces that thrice defeated the Spanish ...

El Payo Malo EquilibrioEl Payo Malo Equilibrio