True brit julie can't come tonight

A big defender of Ailes before he left FNC this summer, Van Susteren did not respond to request for comment and said nothing on her Gretawire blog this morning — though she did tweet this FNC-related news earlier this morning:

They’re all reasonably priced and since they don’t have stores in Scotland yet, you can be sure you’ll get something just a little bit different from the norm.

28. Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979), directed by Terry Jones
Classic Monty Python material - perhaps the best of their feature films - which caused the obligatory outrage, being charged as blasphemous by some who couldn't see the humour. It tells the story of Brian (Chapman), a man whose life vaguely parallels that of Christ, and manages both to pack in the jokes and make some very shrewd points along the way. Some of the lines are quite wonderful ("Blessed are the cheese-makers"?), some of the scenes surreal, and the final song - 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' - remains the perfect joke.

True Brit Julie Can't Come TonightTrue Brit Julie Can't Come TonightTrue Brit Julie Can't Come Tonight