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“Penn is a graphic photographer,” Liberman told me. “He draws, and out of his drawings—my drawings, sometimes—comes a vision that is, in a way, two-dimensional. It’s practically a typographical vision. An enlarged letter has a great resemblance to a Penn portrait. But on the page it prints and in the magazine it stands out. He needs the printed page.”

Instead, Ventimiglia threw himself headlong into a series of other horizon-broadening projects, each indulging a different facet of his personality. Milo the actor, who had already gained notice for his feature work as Sylvester Stallone’s overshadowed son in last year’s Rocky Balboa , took on the lead role in Pathology , a dark psychological thriller co-starring Alyssa Milano. (The movie opens in theaters Nov. 30.) Meanwhile Milo the entrepreneur, head of his own production company, partnered with clothingmaker American Eagle to produce and direct a series of short films for the company’s Web site. (The shorts also aired during the commercial breaks on the premiere of MTV’s The Real World: Sydney in August.) Even Milo the teen idol—who had gained legions of fans during a four-season stint as prepubescent lust object Jess Mariano on The Gilmore Girls —got into the act, shooting a steamy music video with Fergie, for which he spent most of the time shirtless.

2. To study the variations, in current flowing, in a circuit containing a LDR, because of a variation. (a) in the power of the incandescent lamp, used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR. (Keeping all the lamps at a fixed distance). (b) in the distance of a incandescent lamp, (of fixed power), used to ‘illuminate’ the LDR.

Object - Self​-​Designed EdenObject - Self​-​Designed EdenObject - Self​-​Designed EdenObject - Self​-​Designed Eden