Wagdug futuristic unity - raw

Fire from the Gods
Buried under Texas
Doomsday Mourning
Born for War
A Tragedy at Hand
Grand Lord High Master
Piece in Terror
Short Fuse
Green as Emerald
This Place is a Zoo
Chasing the Bullet

@kroma I’ve imported it to my MEGA Drive. Would that be sufficient? I’m unable to download them now due to data speeds here out in the country. T_T But if it’s already good, then I’ve nothing to worry about. As long as I can go back later.

In 2013 Sid announced a new mask which he debuted over the weekend at Ozzfest Japan in Tokyo . The mask was made by Ukrainian design studio Bob Basset . [7] This and the subsequent masks made by Basset are all made of leather and have a style reminiscent of Sid's earlier gas masks. The latest version, which Sid can be seen wearing in the music video for Slipknot's single " The Devil in I " from their 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter , features circular eye holes similar to those from his Iowa era mask, however these are covered by metal grills that resemble spatulas. The mask also has a removable metal cup that can be placed over the mouth. Under the mouth piece Sid wears sharp silver teeth.

Knotfest is a music festival created by American metal band Slipknot. The inaugural Knotfest was a two-city event and took place on August 17, 2012 in Council Bluffs ...

Wagdug Futuristic Unity - RawWagdug Futuristic Unity - RawWagdug Futuristic Unity - RawWagdug Futuristic Unity - Raw