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According to numerous sources, the name Adana is derived from the Hittite URU Adaniya of Kizzuwatna , [2] while others assert that it is related to the legendary character Danaus , or to the Danaoi , a mythological Greek tribe who came from Egypt [ citation needed ] and established themselves in the Greek city Argos . The earlier Egyptian texts for a country Danaja are inscriptions from Thutmosis II (1437 BC) and Amenophis III (1390–1352 BC). [3] After the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization (1200 BC) some refugees from the Aegean area went to the coast of Cilicia . The inhabitants Dananayim or Danuna are identified as one group of the Sea Peoples who attacked Egypt in 1191 BC during the reign of Ramesses III. [4] Denyen are identified as inhabitants of the city Adana. It is also possible that the name is connected with the PIE da-nu (river) Da-na-vo (people living by the river), Scythian nomad people, water demons in Rigveda ( Danavas ). [5]

Erdal Erzincan - AnadoluErdal Erzincan - AnadoluErdal Erzincan - AnadoluErdal Erzincan - Anadolu