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Celtic have a long-standing fierce rivalry with Rangers , and the clubs have become known as the Old Firm , seen by some as the world's biggest football derby. [2] The two clubs have dominated Scottish football, winning 102 league titles between them since the inception of Scottish league football in 1890.

The $300 million CAD Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit that Resolute has filed in the US, uses a set of laws designed to prosecute the mafia, to sue environmental advocates. Resolute essentially argues that environmental advocacy constitutes criminal behavior. By delegitimizing essential advocacy work for forest protection, which provides important oversight on corporations like Resolute, and by imposing harsh financial penalties on protected free speech, this lawsuit could have a chilling effect on freedom of speech in general. Ultimately Resolute’s meritless lawsuits against Greenpeace could impact individuals and groups across civil society that seek to make positive changes by making it too expensive and risky to engage in free speech, advocacy, informed expert opinions, and even research.

Equipe 2000 - Clicca Qui!Equipe 2000 - Clicca Qui!Equipe 2000 - Clicca Qui!Equipe 2000 - Clicca Qui!