White ward - origins

In ancient Egypt, Isis was the Queen of Heaven who ruled over all matters concerning mothering. In ancient Greece Rhea was revered as the mother goddess and in ancient Rome it was Hera, the jealous wife of Zeus, and another mother goddess known as Cybele.

Now you can order from our neighbors, Char Sue without ever leaving your seats! Char Sue is an Asian restaurant with a menu that is heavily influenced by the familiar flavors of Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Chef Rojas has translated his passion for Asian ingredients into uniquely re-imagined dishes. Their full menu (except desserts) is available at the Whiskey Ward, but he has crafted some bar friendly food, like Asian poutine and a Mantou burger, just for us! Other Char Sue classics include tender Japanese curry lamb necks, five spice duck wings, char siu pork ribs and black pepper beef tacos made with crunchy egg roll shells and signature roasted duck rubbed with Sichuan spices.

Actually the old "cult" of Santa Claus incorporates many traditions: Christian and Pagan, Old Catholic, Scandinavian, Dutch, German and English.

White Ward - OriginsWhite Ward - OriginsWhite Ward - OriginsWhite Ward - Origins