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Of course she tried to smile, but her sister Donna just straight-up steals the show 10 seconds in, pogoing around with as much exhuberence as  Sally Hawkins in a Mike Leigh film. https:///watch?v=AvWPMnjrAuo

After ‘Pop’ Stoneman’s death, his daughter Patti (b. 27 May 1925, Galax, Virginia, USA; autoharp) gave up her solo career to join with Donna, Roni, Van and Jimmy and as the Stoneman Family, they continued to play his music and toured all over the USA and Europe. Scotty Stoneman, who also worked with the Blue Grass Champs and the Kentucky Colonels, won many fiddle competitions, including the national contest on several occasions and at the time of his death, in 1973, he was rated one of the world’s finest bluegrass fiddle players. Hattie Stoneman, who first recorded in 1925, died in hospital aged 75. In later years, Donna left to concentrate on gospel music, and Roni became a featured star of the television show Hee Haw. Patti, Jimmy and Van continued to play as the Stoneman Family. Another brother John (b. 20 August 1923, Galax, Virginia, USA, d. 19 April 2001, Jonesville, Virginia, USA; autoharp) was one of the original members of the family group but later in life become a farmer. Twin brothers Gene (b. 1930, USA, d. 15 August 2005, Maryland, USA) and Dean (b. 1931) performed for a time in the Maryland area as the Stoneman Brothers, until Dean formed his Vintage Bluegrass band. In 1981, several members of the family reunited to record a special album. Dean Stoneman died of a lung complaint in Lanham, Maryland, on 28 February 1989.

The Stoneman Family - The Stoneman Family The Stoneman Family - The Stoneman Family The Stoneman Family - The Stoneman Family The Stoneman Family - The Stoneman Family