Various funky dance grooves

Like many other dance crazes, the Bump was a simple dance that didn’t require learning a lot of complicated steps. In fact, it only consisted of one main step! As pairs of dancer swayed to the music while standing side by side, they would come together to bump hips about every other beat of music. Even though the idea was to bump gently, smaller dancers would often be sent flying across the dance floor by heavier dancers who bumped too hard! The dance also inspired a few songs of the same name, but could be done to just about any song.

Their name is a reference to the pop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Peter Linz mentioned an alternate name for them, "The Fly Monsters," in a MuppetCast interview.

Various Funky Dance GroovesVarious Funky Dance GroovesVarious Funky Dance GroovesVarious Funky Dance Grooves