Tibor szemző - tractatus

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Both artists are founders of the world-renowned  Group 180 , a former ensemble of Hungarian musicians dedicated to the performance of new music. Their duo presents performances where narrated texts, films and different layers of music all appear integrally. During the night, Szemző’s cinematographic compositions will be performed by Gőz and himself with incomparable 8mm films evoking the period of the Sixties and Seventies. Inspired by one of the greatest Hungarian authors of the time, Géza Ottlik, the piece  That’s What There Is  will be performed just as some movements from Szemző’s most recent  »K«engravings , which explores Kafka’s universe and  Tractatus  based on the thoughts of Ludwig Wittgenstein through the help of languages.

Tibor Szemző - TractatusTibor Szemző - TractatusTibor Szemző - TractatusTibor Szemző - Tractatus