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Eminem’s new album, rehashing his ‘Slim Shady’ persona, is another narcissistic ode to hyper-violence shot through with a strong dose of misogyny (he calls Mariah Carey a ‘cunt’). Roth’s debut “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” is a celebration of the apathetic college slacker lifestyle. He recently joked about Don Imus’ racist tirade against the Rutgers women’s basketball team before performing there, then made some asinine comments criticizing “black rappers.” I think both of their albums suck, frankly.

Being a ride or die chick is a term that was popularized by hip-hop culture, although it can have different meanings. It usually means a girl or woman who sticks by her partner through thick and thin, even at danger to herself. A ride or die chick is loyal to her partner at all costs.

Binary Star New Hip HopBinary Star New Hip HopBinary Star New Hip HopBinary Star New Hip Hop